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With a plethora of options available for pursuing undergraduate studies, families find the task of finalising programs and universities cumbersome and confusing. At EdCosmo, our dedicated and well-informed counsellors analyse students' academic and non-academic profiles and guide them on the best-fit universities and programs that can help them achieve their career goals.

1 - Application Strategy
Analysis of academic scores from Grade 9th-11th, SAT/ACT, AP's, predicted scores for grade 12, etc. forms the basis of a winning application. In addition, careful analysis of academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and academic goals is the precursor to shortlisting programs and universities.
2 - University Selection
Identifying best-fit universities for your undergraduate journey is based on the student's goals, interests, qualifications and country preference. Our counsellors help shortlist dream, target and safety universities.
3 - Application Processing
At this stage, the student's academic and non-academic data is collated, and we start with guidance on early and regular decision protocols, scholarship options, information on important deadlines, etc. Then, we help devise winning applications by ensuring each component is showcased well to create a good impression.
4 - Essay Brainstorming
Essays are the backbone of any application. Our creative team ensures that we help showcase your personality and unique traits in the best possible way, from the initial draft to the final product. We encourage individual expression, and no cookie-cutter methods are employed to craft essays. We make sure that your essays stand out and catch the reader's eye.
5 - Interview Preparation
Our counsellors are trained to help anticipate the line of questioning and help calm down pre-interview jitters!
6 - Acceptance of university offer
Our students receive several acceptances, and our counsellors help guide which one you should accept based on the best academic program, student and teaching fraternity, research facilities, cultural preference, finances, internship opportunities, etc.

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