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Post - Graduate  

Having completed three or four years of undergraduate studies, students are usually clear about their further academic and career goals. Crafting post-graduate applications is based on your academic and otherwise performance as a graduate. It is a lot more focused on projects, research work, internships, volunteer activities, and your scores. Post-graduation is about getting into specialisation programs before you embark on chosen careers, be it a job or your entrepreneurial journeys

1 - Evaluation of Profile
We review academic scores, including undergraduate GPA and GRE/GMAT scores, capstone projects, work experience (if any), internships, social initiatives, etc. These are instrumental in framing the CV, devising a unique, strong profile, and showing your competence in handling specialised subjects and coursework.
2 - University Selection
Our counsellors help shortlist suitable universities according to your qualification, interests, career goals, country preference, finances, etc.
3 - Essay Brainstorming
Statement of Purpose (SOP) and essays are crucial components. You can show the admissions officer how your undergraduate journey and work experiences make you a good candidate for admission into their programs. Our team of writers guide from the initial draft to the final one regardless of the number of revisions that might be needed.
4 - Interview Preparation
Our team help prepare you for the interviews. From your body language to tone and what to highlight in your profile, we help prepare you to ace the interviews.
5 - Acceptance of university offer
Having received the final admission offers, our team will help students select the best-fit program that caters to their academic and personal preferences.

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