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Early Advisory 

For admissions to the top universities, a student's profile needs a comprehensive and well-rounded set of activities, both academic and non-academic. Our early advising process caters to students from grade 8th onwards to help devise a roadmap based on their interests and career goals. From identifying a student's interests and aptitude to assisting them in executing the identified activities, our counsellors guide and motivate them every step.

1 - Career Counselling
Psychometric testing and evaluation help in identifying academic aptitude and possible career options. Coupled with one-to-one counselling with career experts, this helps students understand their core competencies and how to build on them through extracurricular and co-curricular activities.
2 - Profile Building
Identifying opportunities that build a compelling and wholesome profile is our priority. Our counsellors help devise a program that showcases and enhances students' competencies and areas of interest through mentored research programs, internships, competitive exams, social initiatives, summer school options, etc.
3 - Time Management
We ensure that the student stays on track with regular updates and pre-decided timelines. If need be, corrective measures are taken promptly to ensure that activities are being completed on time. In addition, through regular online and offline meetings, we ensure that parents and students stay motivated and focused.

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