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All you need to know about Letter of recommendation

We all are aware of our strengths and weaknesses, but a note from someone

appreciating us for our qualities, always does wonders. Not only does it boost

our morale but at times it also helps us in growth of our career. When applying

for admission in a university abroad or applying for a job, a strong note from

your teacher sharing your strengths and abilities gives boost to your chances of

getting through. But, what is this note called and what are the contents for it?

A document that evaluates the qualities, strengths and abilities of a candidate,

and presented as a recommendation for applying for universities abroad is called

Letter of Recommendation or Letter of Reference. A teacher, mentor or

supervisor usually writes the Letter of Recommendation for a candidate. This

document is a requisite for applying for universities or scholarships overseas.

This is quite similar to what a statement of purpose does; talks about you. The

letter presents a positive and clear image of the candidate’s achievements,

contributions and skills to the recruiter.

LOR is equally important as the admission essays, statements of purpose, resume

or any other documents are.

Let us check out the two types of LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

1. Academic

Academic letter of recommendation is the letter provided by a faculty member of

candidate’s previous institute. The universities usually ask two to three LORs

from the previous institute, which could be from the faculty, highlighting the

candidate’s accomplishment.

2. Professional

A professional letter of recommendation talks about the work experience of a

candidate. The letter is written by an immediate supervisor and varies from the

Academic LOR in terms of the content, as this focuses on the work and leadership

ability of the candidate.

What does a letter of recommendation cover?

 Connection of the candidate with the person who is recommending

 Task and responsibilities of the candidates

 The abilities, knowledge, capabilities of the candidate in a descriptive manner

 Special skills of the candidate with some suitable examples

Who needs the LOR and why?

The LOR is usually required by graduate students seeking to apply for studying

abroad. This is irrespective of the course they are planning to go for or country

they are applying for. The LOR gives a detailed insight of the candidate to the

admission officers, for admission into the concerned University.

It is also a requirement for someone who is applying for a job abroad. A positive

reference can help in brighter prospective for the candidate.

A referral is the best compliment you can receive and receiving it from a

credible professional can outweigh one candidate over the other.

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