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A welcome change from the College Board, the governing body of the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), as it announced conducting of SAT digitally in the next two to three years. These changes are made to reassure the relevance and importance of standardized testing, addressing the concerns that occurred during the Pandemic. International students (non-US-based) will be able to take the test starting from March 2023, while students from the US will have to wait till spring 2024. Tested waters in November 2021, the digital SAT was found to be less stressful by 80 percent of the students and the educators also gave a thumbs up to the change. The advantages of digital SAT for students will be: • Digital SAT will be shorter offering more time per question. It will be conducted in two hoursinstead of three. There will be shorter reading passages with one question each offering a wide range of topics • Another add-on is the use of calculators for Maths, students will be provided with a built-in calculator or can bring their own • The new Digital SAT will be much more secure and flexible and students will get an inimitable version of the test. There will be flexibility as to when the schools and states will conduct the test. • Students will be able to take the test on their personal device or the one issued by the school. Else the center will provide the device. • Digital score reports provide more relevant information to students on colleges, career, and training programs. • The waiting period for getting the results will reduce to one day from weeks, which in turn will help students to decide on college early. Though many changes have been made, there are a few features that remain the same. • The content of the test and assessment of the knowledge and skills of students will remain the same • The growth tracking of students over time will continue and the scoring will be done earlier on the 1600 scale • As earlier, the test will be conducted in a test center in the presence of an invigilator • As in the past, students can connect directly to scholarships • The students will get support on accommodation as previously All in all the new digital SAT is projected to offer a great experience to students as well as educators. For customising careers with the help of university counsellors, contact Edcosmo Education Advisors, Dr Neeru Bali at 7528002828;
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