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Career Selection

“I Have learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life" - Maya Angelou

This legendary statement by the American civil rights activist holds more meaning today.


A glance through a newspaper reveals the dissatisfaction in youth owing to career choices. Liking what you

do is the key not only to a satisfying career but also happiness. 

 One needs to find one’s true vocation. A few pointers:


Discovering the component to do certain work is aptitude. Outstanding aptitude is talent. For example if you

don’t have a mathematical inclination you cannot pursue a career in chartered accountancy.


Interests are always expressed in a perfect ratio to motivation. Gradually preferred activities become areas of

strong interest. Even if a child has a scientific aptitude but he doesn’t display interest in medicine, he will not

be satisfied in pursuing these careers.


 To pursue a career in marketing one should have required personality qualities like being an extrovert,

social, good communication skills, expressive skills etc. For example, a person who likes to interact with other

people may not like to be in IT.


 It is also important to know the physiological, psychological, fiscal and social conditions that the work you

choose entails. One should also be aware of educational qualifications; hours required, training, physical

characteristics (for example in defence services) for entering into a particular career. Research and a

thorough knowledge of your choice here is the key. 


After exploring yourself and demands of your career analyse whether its meant for you. Combination of your

aptitude, interest and personality will help you make the appropriate decision. Career counselling helps you in

developing a career plan.

So don’t wait for anyone to show you the light instead enlighten your life with an appropriate career choice.

And at the right time.

Contact for expert career advice

Edcosmo Educational Advisors

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