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Guide to off-beat courses and study abroad options

You got to be passionate about what you do in order to be successful. You hear this all the time but, at the same time, you also get bewildered by the thought – should I study something I love, or something practical? While contemplating study abroad options, a vast majority of the students tend to think on the lines of commonly perceived practical and employable streams such as medicine, engineering and business administration, however, there are way more choices than they may even think. Engineering, humanities, computer science, and business management are some of the most commonly pursued courses in India as well as abroad. However, different people think differently and many of us wish to follow the path less travelled. While digital world has opened up plethora of opportunities, there are also students thinking about tapping their potential in their fields of interest and unleash their creativity. In this article, we shall delve into few streams that may not be very popular, but these may be as worthy and lucrative that some of the commonly pursued career options. 1. Virtual Reality What began as a way to enhance gaming experience is now having an incredible impact on diverse sectors such as healthcare, education, real estate and even military. With the advent of Virtual reality and Internet of Things (IoT), the world has become smaller and smarter. Enabling a disruption of sort in how we live, Virtual Reality has paved way towards creation of many new jobs. Some of the leading institute institutes around the world offering courses in this field include Deakin University, Australia, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Staffordshire University, UK, Glasgow School of Art, UK. 2. Animation & Visual Communication A global industry worth billions, world’s major animation studios are always in lookout of exceptional animators. Animation study abroad program gives students an opportunity to immerse in futuristic art form like animation visual effects while collaborating with talented artists from across the globe in an extremely animated environment. Students studying animation are highly sought after in film, television and gaming industry. Students interested in making a career in animation should aim for world’s prominent institutes like California Institute of Arts, The School Of Visual Arts USA, The Rhode Island School of Design, University of Edinburgh, Middlesex University. 3. Photography Gone are the days when photography was regarded as a mere hobby, as it has now emerged in a big way. Studying a photography program abroad is ideal for students with passion for subject and who want to make it big as a career by working on their technique and finesse. Giving limitless opportunities to showcase artistic talent, students can opt for specialization in varied forms such as fashion photography, press photography and wildlife photography. Some of the prominent institutes of the world offering photography course include The New York Institute of Photography, US, Vevey School of Photography, Switzerland, Royal College of Art, UK 4. Dance Therapy The path of dance and music is merely not limited to source of entertainment but, it has strong connection on emotional being of an individual. Having the ability to unleash negative energy by removing the mental block, dance has a therapeutic effect. If you love to dance and are interested in healing then dance therapy is the field for you. Though there many institutes across the globe offering course in dance therapy, University of California, Irvine offers one of the most famous courses in the world. 5. Bio Mimicry Bio Mimicry… what? Well, it may not ring a bell to many of you but you but you may be surprised to know that it’s not a new concept per se, and yes, of late it’s been rapidly growing as an official discipline. Bio Mimicry is the study of nature and animals to make life easier and sustainable. In simpler terms, it is copying nature’s design in our own human design. For example airplanes are designed on the flight of birds. In modern times, concept of Bio Mimicry is used in making drones. There are many institutes around the world that offer Bio Mimicry as a discipline. These include University of California, Berkley, Arizona State University, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. 6. Gemology If you have the artistic abilities and have a desire of becoming an alchemist of sort by learning the art of dealing with exquisite and precious stones then this is the field for you. This off-beat stream involves the art of studying, cutting, and valuing precious stones. Precision and artistic flair are prerequisites of this field and scope is limitless. Students can pursue education in this art at institutes like George Brown College, Canada and Birmingham City University, UK. As more and more students are opting for studying abroad, competition is increasing rapidly. Merely getting a degree from abroad may not guarantee a thriving career. Therefore, it is prudent to have a focused approach, keeping in mind a career option in which you can excel.

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