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Why choose Canada for further studies?

What plans do you have for higher studies? Have you decided yet, what course you plan to pursue? Are you planning to study abroad? Are you deciding the right path for your future?

Alas! So many questions to answer and much to plan and think about! Fret not; these all can be answered, and some solutions can work best for a glorious future. After all, none of us has come so far without these questions in mind. Let us check out this amazing country, Canada, with a lot to offer.

But why Canada?

Canada offers a wide range of courses in many disciplines, be it marketing & management, architecture, medicine, arts, nursing, and many more in government as well as private institutions. You must have surely heard about Elon Musk, Malcolm Gladwell, Lily Singh, and Margaret Atwood, some of the renowned names who studied in Canada. Let us list some of the top-ranked universities in Canada:

• University of Toronto

• The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

• University of Alberta, Edmonton

• University of Montreal

• McMaster University

• Western University

• University of Calgary

• University of Waterloo

• University of Ottawa

Canada is a vast country with enormous opportunities and a great place to study, offering great prospects. If you are looking for a country that offers good colleges not digging deep into your pockets, Canada gives you that opportunity, as the cost of higher studies is less compared to other countries abroad. Canada is a country that is not expensive to stay in and offers good career options with a high standard of education and a low unemployment rate.

Some of the top educators and academicians are associated with the top most internationally recognized universities. The universities offer high-quality education with excellent internship opportunities. To add, the government policies are quite liberal regarding post-study work and immigration. Another advantage of studying in Canada for international students is the scholarships offered to eligible students, which help reduce the financial burden. Canada also allows studying and working for students pursuing higher studies.


Students who excel academically, show exceptional creativity and leadership in school, and can be distinguished from others are applicable for a merit-based scholarship. The school can also nominate students for the University of Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship.

Research opportunities in Canada

One of the important parts of higher education in Canada is Research, which also plays a crucial role in deciding a student to study in Canada. Canadian universities encourage students to come out with unique research ideas and provide monetary benefits in the form of scholarships for research work. In addition, the government and industries give students with exceptional research ideas support to put additional efforts to make it a success. To name a few –medicine, agriculture, computer science, environmental science, and telecom; there are abundant research options available in these fields.

What have you planned once you are through with your studies in Canada?

Canada offers endless opportunities for all. You can either pursue a higher level of education post your studies or can look for work opportunities. You can work in Canada with a work permit and apply for a Permanent Residency.

Permanent Residency in Canada comes with some advantages:

• You become eligible for social benefits just like any Canadian citizen

• Canada is one place where you can live, work and study anywhere

• One can apply for Canadian citizenship

• Another benefit is protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To sum it up, Canada is one country which has been attracting numerous international students from all over the world; a country that offers quality living, good healthcare, a world-recognized education system, and post-study work opportunities.

A great place to study and work

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