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Why USA is Best to Study?



USA has always been a numero uno choice for students

wanting to explore the best education . For students of

Indian origin opting for USA, here are some of the


1.Flexible Curriculum : USA institutes are equipped

with best faculty and flexible system . These institutes

allow the students to choose subjects on their own which

helps students in identifying the career streams of their

choice .

2. Home to globally ranked top universities USA is

home to some of the most well-known and reputed

universities of the world. Approximately 50% of the best

universities of the world are in USA.

3. Research and Innovation : USA gives the students

opportunities and support to join and initiate research

work as academic credit pay. It is one of the best places in

the world to do research in STEM based subjects

because of the emphasis on research and development in

these areas.

4. Global perspective : The education system is

designed in a way that every student irrespective of

grades , SAT ,ACT has an access to good universities .

Many colleges which don’t require SAT have pathway

programs leading to direct university entry after two


5. Getting future ready- USA colleges offer a flexible

work study balance and work-study arrangement by

permitting on-campus work at college and offering

curricular practical training (CPT) during study and 12

months of optional post-study practical training (OPT). 

Contact Edcosmo Education Advisors for expert career

guidance on education abroad.

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