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Why Study In Australia?

Tony Abbot famously said . “ once people come to Australia they join the team”. How true?

Listed are the reasons we think Australia is one of the best places to do it.

1. Outstanding Education - Australia has one of the best education systems in the

world.. Did you know that more than 80 000 international students decided to study

Down Under in 2017? Also Melbourne does not only offer one of the best

universities in the world but is – according to the Student City Ranking of QS – also

among the 5 best student cities worldwide in 2017.

2. Accessibility to student visa- Foreign students coming to Australia can take part on

the “Overseas Student Program”. Firstly to apply for an Australian student visa, you

have to show a Confirmation of Enrollment in a study course at an Australian

University and then prove to have enough financial resources for study fees, living

costs and departure. Thirdly, you have to show a certificate that proves your English


3. Pursuing part time jobs - With the Australian Student Visa, you are allowed to work

up to 20 hours per week during the semester. During semester breaks you could

even work full time. You can gain study-related work experience and can search for

student jobs on the internet. With your Student Visa, you need to apply for a Tax File

Number online.

4. Job Prospects in Career - After your studies in Australia you will have higher

chances of landing a job with your Australian degree .You could apply for the

"Temporary Graduate Visa". This allows you to work in Australia for 12 more

months even after you have graduated..

Best wishes for your Australian dream.

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