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Choose the right career through right guidance The more the number of opportunities, the more it is challenging to choose the right career. Whether to opt for Humanities or Science? To choose Mass Communication or go for medicine, career planning is very complex and confusing. The career choices are vast and so are the courses offered in universities across the world. Without proper guidance it becomes challenging for students as to what career option is best for them. This is where an educational counsellor plays an important role. They help and guide students to make the appropriate decision about their career. Who is an educational counsellor ? A person who assists and guides students to choose the right career path based on the career options available is called an educational counsellor . Educational counsellors work in close confidentiality with students to understand their goals and guide them in the right direction. Importance of an educational Counsellor Education experts share a very special relationship of trust with the counsellor , as they help them attain their goals by helping them make an informed decision about their career and education. Counsellors understand the obstacles each student faces and encourage them in academic, social and personal development. Right guidance helps students to maintain academic standards and set goals for academic success. The age of 13 to 17 years is considered to be the right age for seeking career counselling for students. This is a crucial period of any student’s life as career decisions are made during this period. The child goes through a lot of transition whether emotional or physical. Whether you are planning to choose a career or are in the midst of a change in the career or you may be planning for overseas studies, seeking professional advice always helps. For many of us the parents are actively involved in making the career decisions but there are times when they are unable to identify their passion. This is also one of the reasons to take help from a counsellor . Benefits of educational counsellor · Brings clarity of thoughts – Career counsellors are experts who assess a child’s aptitude, personality and interests. This helps in evaluating and choosing the right career option of all the available ones. · Provide expert resources – With limited knowledge about the vast options available for students, the parents are unable to help them pursue the right career. A career counsellor possesses the expert resources and knowledge to guide with the right career choices. · Helps you gain problem-solving abilities – A career counsellor understands the hurdles a student faces. The real life experiences shared by a counsellor instil confidence in the students to overcome hurdles. · Helps you realise your passion and set goals to achieve it – The right guidance from an education counsellor helps you realise your true strengths and help overcome your weaknesses. This further helps the candidate choose the right career option. · Helps you manage stress – Choosing the right career can be tasking for both parents and students. Venting out of emotions is much required to avoid adding on to frustration. A career counsellor helps you relieve stress by redirecting focus to selecting the right career path. Career counselling is crucial for every student as it helps choosing the right career option, which is beneficial for lifetime. When you are clear about your vision, you get motivated to work hard to achieve your goals. Plenty of information is available on the internet but you may need expert opinion in realising the best suited career path for you. As you know that you cannot learn swimming merely by watching YouTube videos and you need to plunge into the watch under the supervision of an instructor!

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